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We are here because you have
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M&L is an on demand mobile app for both maids cleaning and laundry services in one app. Why take the headache of booking on separate providers if you can book it in one app?

- We take pride -

In the service we deliver

We show up on time, with cleaning services tailored to your needs, delivering the quality service you expect. Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly service, you have come to the right place.

In the items we deliver

The product is the image we present to our customers. We work with different laundry companies tha t understand the need of consistency and excellent level of service.

Our Promise

  • Book instantly
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Trusted cleaners with years of experience
  • Excellent Service Quality
  • Everything you need in just few clicks!

Maid services

We make sure to do our obligation to our maids to be paid on time.

Our responsibility to ensure that our maids are treated properly

We make sure that we take good care of your home hygiene and at the same time our maid’s hygiene.

Laundry services

Reduce the ecological impact of our activities through innovation, technology and cultural change while educating employees and continual improvement in the laundry industry standards and values.

We are committed to

Continuously improve our corporate and social responsibility strategy
Continuously reassess and strive the improvement of our performance as a company
Always be responsible in what we do
Always strive to be an exemplar of good, fair and reasonable practices.

About the Founder

Amer Fahed has years of experience working in the cleaning industry. He worked for the royal family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, maintaining the highest quality of hygiene and discipline in his work. He moved to Dubai in 2015, continuing work in the cleaning industry. His extensive experience in the field motivated him to establish a platform for cleaning and laundry services incorporating all the quality standards he had learned over the years. The result was MaidsandLaundry.com LLC born out of the simple idea of delivering the best services possible for both home cleaning and laundry. Amer’s mission is to become the best in the biz by providing quality home cleaning and laundry services throughout the Middle East region.

Message from the Owner

We are here to help you by taking care of your home and laundry, offering a great variety of services. Why we are unique? We use technology where it works and people where it matters. Innovation and technology combined, we are able to provide a high quality on-demand home cleaning and laundry services in one app.

Amer Fahed

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